1st Workshop: A Computational Approach
to Harmonic Analysis

August 22-26, 2011
Philipps-University, Marburg



Please note that the available number of participants is limited. We almost reached our maximum capacity.
The deadline for registration was August the 5th, 2011.

Registration Fee:

There is no registration fee.


The official workshop poster is now available for download.

Public transportation:

For information on how to get to Marburg please refer to and bus schedules may be found at

Information Booklet:

We have compiled the most relevant informations regarding bus transport in marburg along some additional informations about restaurants in a handy pdf document.

Graduate and master students:

This workshop is part of the graduate and master programme of the Philipps-University Marburg. There will be an exam on Friday 26th of August. Students succesfully participating in the workshop will be granted 3 ECTS points.


We kindly request all participants of the workshop to arrange for their own accommodation in Marburg. Rooms have been reserved in each of the following hotels. Please use the key word "macha2011" when booking. As the workshop takes place during the main season, the rooms are blocked only for a limited amount of time. Please book in a timely manner. More accommodation options may be found at the tourist information.

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