Workshop on Stochastic Partial Differential Equations:
Modelling, Analysis, and Approximation

24.08.2009 - 28.08.2009
TU Darmstadt GERMANY


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  1. "Local Shape of Random invariant Manifolds"
    Bloemker, Dirk

  2. "Domain decomposition strategies for the stochastic heat equation"
    Carelli, Erich

  3. "Solving the Zakai equation using cubature methods"
    Crisan, Dan

  4. "A finite element approach to the Brownian dynamics of polymers"
    Cyron, Christian

  5. "On the L_p-variation of BSDEs and fractional smoothness"
    Geiss, Stefan

  6. "Transition Path Sampling - Non-gradient case"
    Gruhlke, Daniel

  7. "On Numerical Solutions of Stochastic PDEs"
    Gyöngy, Istvan

  8. "Conjugate gradient and GMRES methods for parameterized linear random algebraic equations "
    Hakansson, Par

  9. "SPDEs driven by Levy processes and their numerical approximation"
    Hausenblas, Erika

  10. "Pointwise Approximation of a Stochastic Heat Equation with Additive Space-Time White Noise"
    Henkel, Daniel

  11. "Taylor expansions for stochastic partial differential equations"
    Jentzen, Arnulf

  12. "An $L_2$-theory of stochastic PDEs driven by L\\`evy processes"
    Kim, Kyeong-Hun

  13. "Strong, weak and a posteriori error analysis of the finite element method for parabolic and hyperbolic stochastic equations"
    Kovacs, Mihaly

  14. "Weak order for the discretization of the stochastic heat equation driven by impulsive noise"
    Lindner, Felix

  15. "Numerical solution of the stochastic Swift-Hohenberg Equation"
    Lord, Gabriel

  16. "SPDE-models for nonwoven production processes"
    Marheineke, Nicole

  17. "Asymptotic Problems for non-Markovian Langevin equations"
    Pavliotis, Grigorios

  18. "Regularity of solutions to linear SPDEs with Levy noise."
    Peszat, Szymon

  19. "Weak order of convergence for some semi-discrete schemes for Burgers like SPDEs"
    Printems, Jacques

  20. "Multilevel Monte-Carlo Methods for SPDEs"
    Ritter, Klaus

  21. "A Concise Course on Stochastic Partial Differential Equations"
    Roeckner, Michael

  22. "Markovian approach to stochastic PDE"
    Romito, Marco

  23. "Random dynamical systems with SPDE driven by a fractional Brownian motion"
    Schmalfuß, Björn

  24. "Stochastic molecular dynamics"
    Szepessy, Anders

  25. "Adaptive Multi Level Monte Carlo Simulation"
    von Schwerin, Erik

  26. "SPDE-based MCMC methods"
    Voss, Jochen

  27. "Sharp interface limit for invariant measures"
    Weber, Hendrik

  28. "Joint continuity for the solutions to a class of nonlinear SPDE"
    Xiong, Jie

  29. "Finite element approximations for a fourth-order SPDE"
    Zouraris, Georgios

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