Workshop on Computational Stochastics
March 25 - 30, 2012
Annweiler am Trifels, GERMANY


The workshop takes place at

Kurhaus Trifels
Kurhausstr. 25
76855 Annweiler
Phone: +49 6346-30 88 60

The venue is a newly renovated estate, which is run by the Universities of Darmstadt, Heidelberg, and Kaiserslautern and which is beautifully located in the Palatinate Forest with a view towards the famous Trifels Castle, see Begegnungszentrum fuer die Wissenschaft. Accommodation will be provided at the workshop venue and at a nearby hotel. There is a train connection every hour from Frankfurt Flughafen/Airport to Annweiler am Trifels, which takes about 2 hours.

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