4th Annual Meeting of SPP 1324
November 28 - 30, 2012
Eisenach, Pentahotel


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Accepted Talks
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  1. "Quadrature of discontinuous functionals of the Heston Price using Malliavin calculus"
    Altmayer, Martin

  2. "Multilevel methods for optimal stopping problems"
    Belomestny, Denis

  3. "Primal and dual methods for reflected backward SDEs"
    Bender, Christian

  4. "Context sensitive information: Which bits matter in data?"
    Buhmann, Joachim

  5. "Robust versions of the filter and its approximations"
    Diehl, Joscha

  6. "On the convergence analysis of a spatially adaptive Rothe method II"
    Doehring, Nicolas

  7. "Adaptive sparse optimization of nonlinear functionals by a decreasing thresholding strategy"
    Friedrich, Ulrich

  8. "Reduced Basis Method and Space-Time Discretization for Electricity Markets"
    Glas, Silke

  9. "Maximum norm estimates for SVD truncated tensors"
    Hackbusch, Wolfgang

  10. "Wavelet shrinkage on paths for denoising of scattered data"
    Heinen, Dennis

  11. "Nonlinear eigenproblems for high-dimensional data analysis"
    Jost, Leonardo

  12. "Reconstructing multivariate trigonometric polynomials by sampling along generated sets"
    Kaemmerer, Lutz

  13. "Recent results on QTT-based approximations in electronic structure and dynamical calculations"
    Khoromskij, Boris

  14. "On the convergence analysis of a spatially adaptive Rothe method I"
    Kinzel, Stefan

  15. "Strong and weak approximation of a class of stochastic Volterra equations"
    Kovács, Mihály

  16. "A Splitting Approach to Dimensionality Reduction with Non-Negativity Constraints"
    Krause-Solberg, Sara

  17. "Multilevel Monte Carlo Algorithms for Lévy-driven SDEs"
    Li, Sangmeng

  18. "Anisotropic refinement schemes for transport dominated problems"
    Lim, Wang-Q

  19. "Dynamical approximation of hierarchical Tucker and tensor-train tensors"
    Lubich, Christian

  20. "The curse of dimensionality for numerical integration of smooth functions"
    Novak, Erich

  21. "Tensor completion and reconstruction"
    Schneider, Reinhold

  22. "Diffusion Equations with Random Data: Convergence of Collocation and Galerkin Methods"
    Sprungk, Björn

  23. "Modelling the Emission Trading System"
    Steck, Sebastian

  24. "Sharp adaptive drift estimation for diffusions in higher dimension"
    Strauch, Claudia

  25. "Geometric description of low-rank tensor manifolds as principal fiber bundles and applications"
    Uschmajew, André

  26. "Reduced basis methods for radiative transfer"
    Welper, Gerrit

  27. "Fast Approximation Algorithms for Kernel Methods"
    Wissel, Daniel

  28. "Computing Quadrature Formulas for Marginal Distributions of SDEs"
    Yaroslavtseva, Larisa

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