3rd Annual Meeting of SPP 1324
November 16 - 18, 2011
Eisenach, Pentahotel


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Please note that most talks may be scheduled to be no longer than 30 minutes. If your project has several noticeable findings you may of cause submit a one hour talk.

You need to register first in order to continue and your submission will have to be accepted by an organizer. That may take some time. Also note, the information you provide here is made public on this website! Please submit your talk until November 1st!

Accepted Talks
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  1. "Solving optimal stopping problems by empirical dual optimization and penalization: fast rates of convergence"
    Belomestny, Denis

  2. "Robust Filtering: Correlated Noise and Multidimensional Observation"
    Diehl, Joscha

  3. "Adaptive Wavelet Methods for SPDEs I: Regularity and Approximation of Random Fields"
    Doehring, Nicolas

  4. "Tensor Product Wavelets by Extensions: Approximation Rates"
    Friedrich, Ulrich

  5. "Sparse Discrete Ordinates Method in Radiative Transfer"
    Grella, Konstantin

  6. "Stable reconstruction of hyperbolic cross trigonometric polynomials from samples of generated sets"
    Kaemmerer, Lutz

  7. "Tensor numerical methods for multi-dimensional PDEs: Basic approximation theory and initial applications"
    Khoromskij, Boris

  8. "An Adaptive SParse Grid Semi Lagrangian Scheme for Hamilton Jacobi Bellman Equations"
    Klompmaker, Irene

  9. "Dimensionality Reduction Methods in Independent Subspace Analysis for Signal Detection"
    Krause-Solberg, Sara

  10. "Adaptive methods for first order transport equations: directional representation systems."
    Lim, Wang-Q

  11. "Adaptive Wavelet Methods for SPDEs II: Regularity Results for Parabolic Equations"
    Lindner, Felix

  12. "Strong approximation of SDEs under standard assumptions"
    Neunkirch, Andreas

  13. "Representation of sparse Legendre expansions"
    Plonka-Hoch, Gerlind

  14. "A Nonlinear Parameter Identification Problem involving a Parabolic Differential Equation"
    Ressel, Rudolf

  15. "Constructive Quantization of SDEs"
    Ritter, Klaus

  16. "Treatment of optimisation tasks and partial differential equations in the TT format"
    Rohwedder, Thorsten

  17. "Hit-and-run for numerical integration"
    Rudolf, Daniel

  18. "Nonlinear eigenproblems for high-dimensional data analysis"
    Setzer, Simon

  19. "Stochastic collocation for a groundwater problem"
    Sprungk, Bjoern

  20. "Investigating the dynamics of metastable biochemical processes using adaptive wavelet methods"
    Udrescu, Tudor

  21. "Adaptive methods for first order transport equations: construction of test frames."
    Welper, Gerrit

  22. "On the mixed regularity of electronic wave functions"
    Yserentant, Harry

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