Workshop Rough Paths and Numerical Integration Methods
Philipps-University, Marburg


Last update: 7.09.2011. All relevant places are marked on the map.

Although the workshop is free of charge we ask all participants to register online at the conference webpage. There you can also indicate whether you want to take part at the workshop dinner on Thursday evening and whether you need a particular diet.

Venue / Accomodation:
The conference takes place at the Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies. We recommend to stay at
  • Hotel Marburger Hof (Keyword: Mathematik, 50E/night)
    Elisabethstr. 12, 35037 Marburg, Tel +49 6421 590750
  • Hotel Haus Müller (49E/night)
    Deutschhausstr. 29, 35037 Marburg, Tel +49 6421 65659
  • Welcome Hotel Marburg (~100E/night)
    Pilgrimstein 29, 35037 Marburg, Tel +49 6421 9180

The workshop features a presession starting on Wedneday morning, which gives young academics the opportunity to present their work. The official opening of the workshop is on Wednesday at 2pm and the talks end on Friday at 1pm.

Frankfurt Airport is the nearest to Marburg. There is a regular train connection to Marburg (Lahn) that takes about 1h30m from the airport (List of reasonable connections on Wednesday and Friday; see for the general time schedule).

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