Workshop on Compressed Sensing,
Sparsity and Inverse Problems

September 6-7, 2010
TU Braunschweig


The following to experts have agreed to give talks
A detailed program will be published timely.

List of talks:
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(ordered by name)
  1. "Variational Inequalities and Morozov\'s Discrepancy Principle"
    Anzengruber, Stephan

  2. "Non-uniform sparse recovery with Gaussian matrices"
    Ayaz, Ulas

  3. "Regularization of linear integral equations with noisy data and noisy operator"
    Bleyer, Ismael Rodrigo

  4. "Multilevel Preconditioning and Adaptive Sparse Solution of Inverse Problems"
    Dahlke, Stephan

  5. "Linear Convergence Rates of l1-Regularization"
    Haltmeier, Markus

  6. "Compressed Sensing in Infinite Dimensions"
    Hansen, Anders C.

  7. "Compressed sensing for ill-posed problems: recovery principles and accuracy estimates"
    Herrholz, Evelyn

  8. "New and improved Johnson-Lindenstrauss embeddings via the Restricted Isometry Property"
    Krahmer, Felix

  9. "Efficient Calculation of Sparse Solutions for Inverse Problems"
    Lakhal, Aref

  10. "Exact recovery for linear ill-posed problems with l^1 regularization"
    Lorenz, Dirk

  11. "Generalization of the Neural Gas for Learning Sparse Codes"
    Martinetz, Thomas

  12. "Exact Sparse Solutions of Underdetermined Linear Equations"
    Pfetsch, Marc

  13. "Compressive Sensing and Function Recovery in High Dimensions"
    Rauhut, Holger

  14. "Iterative sparse recovery and regularization theory"
    Teschke, Gerd

  15. "An Infeasible-Point Subgradient Method and Computational Comparison for lš-Minimization"
    Tillmann, Andreas

  16. "Quality assessment of the l1 penalization method for sparse recovery"
    Verhoeven, Caroline

  17. "Regularization results for inverse problems with sparsity functional"
    Wachsmuth, Gerd

  18. "Generalized Tikhonov regularization with Bregman discrepany"
    Worliczek, Nadja

  19. "Truncated Soft Shrinkage Iteration with Discrepancy Based Stopping Rule"
    Zhariy, Mariya

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