1st Annual Meeting of SPP 1324
November 5-6, 2009
ZIB, Berlin


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  1. "Constructive Quantization and Multilevel Algorithms for Quadrature of SDEs"
    Dereich, Steffen

  2. "Compressive strategies for ill-posed problems"
    Dirk Lorenz, Gerd Teschke, Evelyn Herrholz

  3. "Adaptive Wavelet Methods for Inverse Parabolic Problems: Tensor Product Wavelet Bases on General Domains and new Existence and Uniqueness Results for the Forward Problem"
    Friedrich, Ulrich

  4. "Hierarchical and Black-Box Approximation of Tensors"
    Grasedyck, Lars

  5. "m-term approximation in Tensor product function spaces"
    Hansen, Markus

  6. "Adaptive Approximation Algorithms for Sparse Data Representation"
    Iske, Armin

  7. "On hybrid models for stochastic reaction kinetics"
    Jahnke, Tobias

  8. "Kronecker Products and Compressed Sensing"
    Jokar, Sadegh

  9. "High dimensional sparse fast Fourier transforms"
    Kaemmerer, Lutz

  10. "Reinforcement Learning in a Continuous State Space"
    Klompmaker, Irene

  11. "Directional Multiresolution Schemes for Transport Dominated Problems: Shearlet Constructions and Petrov-Galerkin Discretizations"
    Lim / Welper, Wang-Q / Gerrit

  12. "Adaptive Wavelet Methods for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations"
    Lindner, Felix

  13. "Variational approximations in quantum dynamics and the MCTDH method"
    Lubich, Christian

  14. "Stochastic Galerkin Methods -- Fundamentals and Algorithms"
    Mugler, Ullmann

  15. "Minimization tasks in electronic structure calculations and minimization with sums of elementary tensors"
    Rohwedder, Thorsten

  16. "Explicit error bounds for reversible Markov chain Monte Carlo"
    Rudolf, Daniel

  17. "Valuation of Structured Financial Products"
    Rupp, Andreas

  18. "An Error Criterion for Numerical Solutions of Backward SDEs"
    Steiner, Jessica

  19. "Regularity, complexity, and approximability of electronic wavefunctions"
    Yserentant, Harry

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